Pyrotechnics & Distraction



Distraction Devices

Primetake offer a portfolio of Single-Use and Reloadable Distraction Devices for training and operational use. The simple design, quick release levers and multitude of configurations and accessories give users Distraction Devices effective in any and all tactical scenarios.  The reloadable training variants allow for excellent reduced cost and increased safety training activities. With device bodies re-used and a reloadable cartridge, the Distraction Devices will be a cost saver in the long term compared to Single-Use devices. Cartridge Reloads and accessories sold separately.

Product Code Product Description Calibre Details
PTLD001 Distraction Device GR-20 Reusable 1-Bang (Operational or Training) N/A Details
PTLD005 Distraction Device GR-60 Reusable 3-Bang (Operational) N/A Details
PTLD008 Distraction Device GTR-60 Reusable 3-Bang  (Training) N/A Details
PTLD015 Distraction Device GD-1 Single Use 1-Bang (Operational or Training) N/A Details
PTLD016 Distraction Device GD-3 Single Use 3-Bang (Operational or Training) N/A Details


Pyrotechnics & Simulation

Primetake are a long-standing manufacturer and supplier of pyrotechnic devices and accessories for training and operational use. The pyrotechnic products are built to the highest standards to ensure the utmost focus is placed on safety and reliability. These products are proven, having been in use for many years and continue to be relied upon by many user groups. Primetake continue to supply this staple product as a leading pyrotechnic solution on the market.

Product Code Product Description Calibre Details
PT9200H  Primetake Smoke Grenade (PSG) 60-80 Sec White N/A Details
PT9200J  Primetake Smoke Grenade (PSG) 60-80 Sec Green (Other colours) N/A Details
PT9200K  High Output Smoke Grenade 120 Sec White (Other colours) N/A Details
PT9105A VADS2 Unit inc Mains Adaptor N/A Details
PT9105G VADS 200m Black & Tan Firing Cable N/A Details

Signal Cartridges 

Primetake’s signal  cartridges have been developed for maximum height and long lasting, vibrant colour to ensure their visibility even in inclement weather conditions.

Product Code Product Description Calibre Details
PT4511  Primetake 26.5mm Signal Cartridges 26.5mm Details
PT4512  Primetake 38mm Signal Cartridges 38mm Details

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