Primetake’s range of TLD™ Distraction Grenades are designed to provide military and law enforcement tactical teams with a versatile, safer and more cost effective distraction device solution.

They are ergonomically designed radial blast devices, which eliminates movement on detonation and the danger of directional flame or pressure, giving instead full radial distribution of light, sound and pressure when operated to disorientate and distract individuals in tactical entry, space denial and crowd control operations.

The devices are available as either single use or reloadable grenades, and offer single or multi bang options with delays in operation ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 seconds. The re-loadable grenades can be reloaded up to 100 times with either training or operational cartridges making them extremely cost effective.

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Distraction Device Brochure.


Image Product Product Description Included
PTLD001 GR-20 1 Bang device, body only
PTLD005 GR-60 3 Bang device, body only
PTLD008 GTR-60 (Training Only) 3 Bang, Aluminium body
PTLD011 Bang Pole GR20, Bang Pole Adaptors, Case & Back Pack, Cleaning Kit.
PTLD014 GR-20 Covert 1 Bang, covert
PTLD015 GD-1 Disposable 1 Bang, disposable 172db 1sec delay
PTLD016 GD3 Disposable 3 Bang, Disposable 172 db 05 sec delay
PTLD017 GC80 Concussion High Output Concusssion Device 1.0sec delay
PTLD018 GTR-25 Ball Grenade Device For Offensive Training


Operational and training reloads are available for each reloadable grenade body, delay’s vary from 0.5 to 2.5 seconds dependant on which device they are used with. Please contact our sales team for more information on our distraction devices & reloads.

Image Product Product Description Included
PTLDA006 Lever & Pin Set Black 10 Replacement lever and pin 10 set
PTLDA011 Magnetic Base Screw on Magnetic base to fit GR20 & GR-40
PTLDA015 Glass Breaking Adaptor Screw on Glass breaker for GR-20
PTLDI001 12 piece Remote Initiation Kit Receivers, Transmitter Remote initiation Kit
PTLDI003 Armoured Receiver Case (ARC) Waterproof, Shock Proof case to hold Reciver box and fire up to 3 devices
PTLD1005 Electric ignitors 25 electric ignitors to fire TLD Sound Units

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