PT9300E – 9 x 19mm 100gn GL Frangible

PT9300E – 9 x 19mm 100gn GL Frangible

Methods of Use

GL Ammunition has been introduced to provide a lead-free projectile and primer alternative to traditional ammunition. GL is designed to minimize the environmental hazards associated with the by-products of lead bullets and standard lead based primers. It is ideal for close quarter training as it eliminates the splash-back and ricochets that are typical of lead bulleted ammunition.


The GL bullet is designed to break up into small pieces upon impact with hardened steel or other materials that are harder than the projectile itself. The projectile is not jacketed or plated. The copper/tin material is non-hazardous and recyclable which allows for less expensive range operations. The consistent uniformity of the projectile gives GL exceptional accuracy, reliable functioning, and the same recoil characteristics as traditional ammunition.


Primetake provides bullet components made with patented technology. A family of exclusive products to advance the lead-free frangible concept beyond typical training concerns to include tactical, duty, special purpose and military applications. All NATO and law enforcement calibres are available.
Frangible ammunition performs just like traditional ammunition and possesses the ability to cause injury or death if deliberately or accidentally misused. Extremely shallow angle impact against hard targets may not provide sufficient resistance to force complete bullet breakup and may result in larger particles ricocheting. Appropriate protective gear must be worn by shooters and bystanders.

In order to have reliable bullet penetration and/or breakup the user is advised to conduct controlled testing prior to full scale use. Higher or lower velocities due to unusual barrel lengths, soft target materials or untested materials can produce unpredictable results.

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