Primetake’s range of Pyrotechnic products includes Smoke, Signal and Illuminating and Practice and Training.

Training / Simulation

Primetake’s range of Training / Simulation products are designed to simulate the functionality and effect of their operational counterparts.

Please contact us regarding your Training / Simulation requirement.


Primetake’s range of Smoke products is designed to produce a cloud of dense smoke to obscure movement or provide a highly visible signal.

Image Product Product Description Data Sheet Media (Video)
PT9200C Smoke Generator Electric 30 Sec White Datasheet  Coming Soon!
PT9200E Coloured Smoke Grenade White Datasheet
PT9200F Rapid Smoke Grenade White 30 Sec FOL Datasheet


Our Signal Cartridges provide high intensity localised signalling for ground and sea operations.

Image Product Product Description Calibre Data Sheet Media (Video)
PT9400 26.5mm Signal Cartridges  26.5mm Datasheet  Coming Soon!
PT9401 38mm Signal Cartridges 38mm Datasheet


Signal Pistols

Single shot, reusable signal pistols are designed for firing signal cartridges and if fitted with a suitable adaptor, can be used to fire 12G Birdscaring cartridges.

Image Product Product Description Data Sheet Media (Video)
PT9005B 26.5mm (1″) Signal Pistol Datasheet
PT9005D 38mm (1.5″) Signal Pistol Datasheet
PT9005Y Adaptor Proofed 26.5mm (1″) to 12G
PT9005X Adaptor Proofed 38mm (1.5″) to 12G
PT9005H PT9005H12G Cleaning Kit for 26.5mm / 38mm Signal Pistol
Signal Pistol Servicing Service and maintenance for Signal Pistols

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