Ωmega™ Sniper Ammunition Spotlight

23 May 2017

Ωmega™ Sniper ammunition is best in class and the ultimate selection for precision and accuracy.


Primetake’s Ωmega™ Sniper ammunition takes ‘Match Grade’ to a whole new level. Including 7.62 x51mm (.308”), 8.6 x 70mm (.338”) and 12.7 x 99mm (.50”) calibers; the rounds have been designed specifically for sniper operations with a superior ballistic coefficient and increased velocity to give snipers and sharpshooters a longer effective range and increased hit probability. Ωmega™ Sniper ammunition is the ultimate selection for precision and accuracy and a prime choice for maximum combat effectiveAness.

The elite range of ammunition owes its excellence to a number of features and characteristics which Primetake’s professional research and development team have worked tirelessly to implement, refine and perfect. What’s more, Primetake Ωmega™ sniper ammunition is built with only the best components; combined with either precision CNC turned or best in class projectiles, the rounds are precision-loaded to achieve the greatest quality with incredibly tight tolerances unrivalled in the industry.

Ωmega™ sniper ammunition is reviewed and refined through its product life cycle and in many cases specifications are tuned to user specific requirements e.g. operational environment, operational objectives, weapon platform and ballistic matching. Primetake’s ability to tailor their products to specific requirements means end user effectiveness is enhanced through weapon-ammunition harmony.



The characteristics that make Primetake Ωmega™ sniper ammunition truly world class are explored below.

  • Increased Velocity & Ballistic Coefficient – Ωmega™ ammunition is tuned to achieve a greater velocity than most and when combined with carefully selected high ballistic coefficient projectiles the ammunition shows world class performance in the form of unrivalled accuracy.
  • ISO9001 Quality Standards – Our experienced production team carefully manufacture each and every product in line with our ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification which our Quality team vigilantly adheres to.
  • Precision-Loaded – Unlike most manufacturers, our ammunition is hand- finished to achieve extremely tight tolerances unachievable with machine loading and mass production.
  • Component Selection – Ωmega™ ammunition is built with only the finest quality components in order to achieve world class performance, using scientifically tested materials tailored to the specific characteristics of the round.
  • Tuned to User Specific Weapon – Primetake can work with our customers specific weapon platform to develop, tune and optimise rounds in, achieving ultimate performance with weapon-ammunition harmony.


With all these characteristics in combination the Ωmega™ sniper rounds enjoy absolute world class supremacy with the following benefits:

  • Longer Effective Range – Enhanced operational capability, powerful terminal effect.
  • Increased Point Blank Range – Useful for Police forces, Urban Combat and overall combat effectiveness.
  • Flatter trajectory – Reduced wind drift, increased precision.
  • Match Grade Accuracy – Average 0.5 – 1 M.O.A. in all variants
  • Enhanced Hit Probability – Significantly increased chance of 1st shot hit.

All of the Primetake Ωmega™ Sniper products have been designed as highly accurate and precise long range rounds, with every one capable of sub 0.5 M.O.A. accuracy. Primetake prides itself on this gold standard of match grade ammunition the Ωmega™ Sniper range sets.


12.7x 99mm (0.50”) Tracer, Ball


A standout example of the Ωmega™ Sniper range is the 12.7 x 99mm (0.50”) 725gn Ball and Tracer rounds, originally developed for operators requiring trajectory/ ballistic matching between 0.50” Ball and Tracer sniper rounds. Both rounds achieve sub M.O.A. accuracy with customers reporting successful engagements out to 2km, with an unrivalled trajectory/ ballistic match the rounds provide effective target identification and engagement.


12.7x 99mm (0.50”) Armour Piercing, Armour Piercing Incendiary


The Ωmega™ Sniper range also houses the formidable Armour Piercing and Armour Piercing Incendiary variants, as both Light Duty and Enhanced Performance depending on customer requirements. These rounds not only adhere to the high standards of the range, achieving sub M.O.A. accuracy but also offer incredibly destructive capabilities. The light duty variants are capable of penetrating up to 15mm Armour Plate and the Enhanced Performance penetrating up to 20mm Armour Plate. The Armour Piercing Incendiary rounds utilise a mechanical incendiary effect propagates to both front and rear of armour and is capable of igniting petrol and other flammable targets such as gas flow.

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