PT1586 – 12 Gauge 1 Ball

PT1586 – 12 Gauge 1 Ball

Methods of Use

The Primetake Rubber Ball Round is designed to be accurate and incapacitate or distract a target using non lethal
force. The Round, used in public order situations, has the ability to disperse hostile crowds or individuals at a
distance of up to 15m.


The round contains a nitrocellulose propellant which fires a high density Rubber Ball. The Rubber Ball Round is
supplied in a clear plastic cartridge case, with a grey top.


Use in Magnum proofed unchoked shotguns only. Range Safety Template available on request.
Articles should remain within the original sealed package and be stored within a temperature controlled environment
of +5°C to +30°C; relative humidity should not exceed 70%. Storage outside of these conditions will not be warranted
and may reduce the shelf life and lead to the articles not functioning as intended.

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